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Posted by Simon Templar On Friday, September 25, 2009

Aiyoh... I am so fed up with Pakatan Rakyat.

In-fighting, in-fighting and more in-fighting. I've talked about this so many times and I am bored with this topic.

If you have been following this blog, you'll have noticed that I have been quiet for an entire week. I thought that I would have plenty of time to write over the long weekend but was too uninspired to do any writing.

Habis-habis in-fighting in PR. It's so obvious what's going on.

1. UMNO is using Hassan Ali to take back Selangor.
2. Hassan Ali wants to be MB.
3. PAS Pusat is powerless over PAS Selangor.
4. Anwar is at a lost because he can't get PAS top leadership to act.

And while all these are going on, Khalid Ibrahim is too busy stuffing lemang and rendang into his already very big bulging tummy. And he is clueless anyway on what to do. Might as well just eat.

Pakatan leaders, you guys suck! Big time.

You have to stop relying on the rakyat's sympathy and show us some capabilities. Most of us are not your supporters - we are just not that into BN. You can be a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, a hippo and school of penguins for all we care. We merely crossed the other box which does not carry the picture of a scale. Remember this.

Go on like this and you will turn away a lot of potential voters. They may not vote BN but neither will they vote you. PR is not giving anyone any excuse to vote PR in as government.

Discipline is a major issue within PR.

PKR, DAP and PAS have no discipline. No law and order. No rules. Anything goes. Crack the whip for crying out loud. But nooooo... offending so and so will rock the boat. So and so has influence over this camp and that camp. What is the difference between PKR, DAP, PAS, UMNO, MCA and MIC? None. All parties are controlled by warlords.

Rubbish la Pakatan Rakyat. Utter rubbish. PR will not move forward unless law and order are in place. To achieve that, each party must have strong leadership to helm the parties. Being voted president makes you a leader, but it says nothing about you being a good leader. And at the top of the PR triangle must be an ultimate leader who calls the shot.

Anwar is powerless at the moment.

History told us that no war had ever been won without a clear outstanding leader. No corporate can grow and move forward without a clear outstanding leader. For crying out loud, you even need a leader to run a gotong-royong. There must always be a, that's singular, THE ONE. He who is given the mandate by the other leaders must have control over the other leaders who appoint him. Else, how can problems be solved. Else, how else can strategies be implemented?

Ancient Chinese knew this. Ancient Romans knew this. Just because you have a group of people under a tent does not mean you have control over them. What makes the likes of Shi Huang Ti, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan great were their abilities to control and command the many heads of countries and colonies under them. These 'ancient' buggers knew this. But 'modern' Pakatan Rakyat knows none.

Can the 3 parties honestly mandate Anwar to lead them? Can they mandate Anwar as PR's The One? If not, then PR will be just another one hit wonder. If not, even if PR can form the next government, what can be achieved? What guarantees are there that the new government will not break upon winning? Who ever said that UMNO will tutup kedai the moment they lose GE13? Who ever said that Najib will take a 5 year break the moment BN loses GE13?

PR is not a loose coalition. It is a very loose coalition. There is almost nothing but a 2 alphabets holding PKR, DAP and PAS together. If you guys have no intentions to firm the grip, let us all call it a day - you won't last a month in the federal government even if we give it to you anyway.


8 Response to "1Leader - DAP & PAS Need To Give Anwar The Mandate"

  1. PM Said,

    Yes add more salt and pepper and a little kicap and we have Pakatan Rubbish and into the dustbin it will go in the next GE..if not careful.

    Good of you to kick ass to wake them up


  2. Anwar used to be at the forefront, but where is he now? I miss his flaming speeches, his charisma and his passion to lead.. YB, where ever you are, no matter how down throdden you feel or how hard the uphill battle is, we the rakyat will always need an ever strong leader to wheather such situations.. If you can show us the way, lead us, we can follow. So YB, c'mon! You have a good support base, lets get together and kick some BN ass! (and some PR ass while you are at it too.. )


  3. Amir Said,

    Fighting need strategies. Continuous and continuous aimless attack will definitely make a team fatigue and exhausted. So PR please don't ever show you are tired. Get feedback & discretely organise your 3 main team PKR+DAP+PAS must desiminate the right info down to your liutenant, sergent, copral and soldiers. Hj Hadi & 3 v.president must call the individual leader such as Hassan Ali for heart to heart talk- make sure Hassan Ali really understands the BIG PICTURE.
    In all fighting there must be sacrifice & understanding & give & take.

    OK best of everything to Pakatan Rakyat. We want to see you will conquer the Federal Government in GE13- and clean up the Judiciary, Police institution, MACC, Attorney General institution and each individual Ministeries and Government departments & agencies. We want sincere , thrifty and dynamic & progressive & practical government


  4. I assume thats what Zaid Ibrahim has been tasked to do.



  5. Dense Said,

    More than a 'clear outstanding leader', what is needed is a 'clear outstanding direction' When you have some direction then maybe a leader will emerge.

    At the moment there is a mish-mash of philosophies so that nobody knows in which direction they are pulling. Then impose on that a situation where every politician has his/her own selfish personal agenda... and to hell with Malaysians

    As you so rightly pointed out the only thing PKR has going for them is that they arent BN. Unless they can get their act together fast the only alternative might be to not vote. That will be the end of Malaysia


  6. Anonymous Said,

    Very thoughtfull post on leadership. It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Mind Power


  7. hiroshi yama Said,

    Pakatan Leaders are not One Headed.

    just look at DSAI, Where is he, When national issues, like buah pala, Kepala lembu, Beer issue, and many more, he is no where to solve or give strong voice of concern!!! But for issue like Tanjung tokong he raise his concern!. The leaders let be Pas, DAP or Pakatan don't see skin colours to issue a statements. We are one Malaysian, That is what we wanted!!! ONE PARTY SYSTEM WE DON'T WANT RACE BASE PARTIES.



  8. Anonymous Said,

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