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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Aiyoh... Am so sick and tired of this 'Allah' issue; of which is actually a non-issue in the very first place. So sick that I have hardly read any articles on this matter. What is the deal with this anyway?

We ALL know that this is nothing but an UMNO propaganda. But why is it that UMNO must always make the Malays look stupid and weak?

How many Malays actually share the sentiments that having some other religion use a word that appears in the Quran will actually cause Muslims to convert out of Islam?

How may Malays actually share the sentiments that having some other religion use a word that appears in the Quran will actually cause Muslims to get confused about their religion and their god?

The way UMNO puts it, Malaysian Muslims must be the only Muslims in the world who has this constant fear of other religions trying to get them out of Islam. Eh hello, have some faith in Islam la. It is a good religion and people who truly understand Islam love Islam for what it is. No wonder so many Malays and Muslims hate UMNO. To UMNO, for the sake of serving their own stupid political ideology, all Malay Muslims are made to look stupid, weak and vulnerable.

By the way ah, what is so confusing about someone else sharing the same word, in this case 'Allah'? It's just the language la idiots.

You don't see Christians shouting their lungs out of their nostrils when the Hindus call their deities LORD Ganesha or LORD Vishnu. Lord is lord la. It's just a word. The word 'lord' is all over the bible you know.

Nobody made noise when the word 'lord' is freely used like in Lord of the Ring or Lord of the Flies. Any Christians go crazy? Any Hindus gone mad? No, tak ada seorang pun. Try calling it A***h of the Ring. Die! Sure mengamuk gila one. Sigh...

But sometimes you have to give it to UMNO. They are quite capable of stirring up the people. Something as simple as the use of a word can cause uproar throughout the country. Pandai pun diorang ni. This is something PR must learn - not the trouble causing part of course, but the part on stirring the people up. (Actually I wouldn't mind if PR start causing some trouble hehe...) And when I mentioned 'the people', I am not referring to the hardcore PR supporters because they are on permanent stir-up pills. PR needs to stir up the 'fence sitters' and the 'I-could-not-be-bothered's.

I tell you, UMNO is giving Islam a very bad name. Wouldn't all this make Islam look like a very shallow religion? Wouldn't all this again make Muslims look like extremists? What a disservice to Islam. All these while the true Muslims work their socks off trying to rebuild Islam's reputation.

Sigh... politics and religions. This 2 have gone hand in hand for centuries. I can never understand what is there to fight over Jerusalem. How holy can a land be where millions of people have died killing one another just to rule that land? Ironic isn't it?

And the Palestinians and Israelis. What are they fighting about? And I remember one of the PR speakers at Teoh Beng Hock's rally at the Kelana Jaya Stadium last year whacking the BN government for having relations with Israel. I so wanted to stand up and shout 'So what?'. Come on la, what is so wrong about Israel? Let's be honest about it; Malaysia is siding with the Palestinians because of the religious element. Why should all Malaysians be made to be anti-Semitic just because of that? Like as though the Palestinians are all angels.

Back to the sacred word.

I hope the Muslims in this country can be rational about this matter. Don't be fooled into insecurity by the trouble makers of UMNO. Yes, 'rational' is the correct word. Chuck aside the emotions that UMNO is trying to stir up inside you. Be logical. Clear your thoughts and ask yourself this, "What is there to be worked up with this 'use of word' in the very first place?".

The problem is UMNO says the word 'amok' is synonymous with Malays. And 'amok' and 'rational' seem worlds apart.

Is it any wonder why the non-Malays in Malaysia see the Malays as less than intelligent? After all, it that not the objectives of UMNO to make the Malays stupid and incapable?


7 Response to "Oh Lord, Are You Confused Too?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    "On Intelligent among Stupids Is The Ultimate Leader"


  2. Anonymous Said,

    "The UMNO's Pyramid Hierarchy with CheDet At The Peak"


  3. Anonymous Said,

    "If you are stupid, you cannot overcome those intelligences than you."
    In order to be intelligent at all time, you must not let those stupids "climb over your head" by all means - Cronism Policy


  4. Anonymous Said,

    "If you can't win your enemies, you join them." - Cronism Ideology


  5. Anonymous Said,

    What happens if intelligent individuals ride the ship of a large group of stupids because they can't the this group? Answer: Either they become more stupid than them or become their pawns.


  6. Anonymous Said,

    sigh, Malaysia really needs to improve their education level...


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Cronism Policy prevails. Face the fact Malaysian! Even the smart anti-cronism Malays want to get out of the plagued country.


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