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Posted by Da Maniac On Monday, December 14, 2009

I wish to be an optimist. I really do. But sometimes, I cannot help but to remain pessimistic about what is in store for us in this country we call Bolehland.

Like others, we all look forward to the next General Elections (GE), where the rakyat can teach UMNO-BN a lesson they would never forget (because they seem to have forgotten how much a trashing they got in the March 2008 GE). We all can't wait for Pakatan Rakyat to take over the helm and bring back glory to this beloved country of ours. Pakatan is like the saviour that we all have been waiting for and they will bring with them equality and transparency that we all crave for so much.

Lately, I do not share that hope anymore. Not that I have given up on Pakatan (they have their flaws), but I do not have hope anymore because of UMNO-BN. Why is that? Well, let's think about it for a moment. Come next GE, beyond our wildest imaginations and against all odds, Pakatan managed to form the next federal government, we celebrate with joy a new era for the country. The country is finally back in the hands of the people... or so it seems.

I hate to rain on everyone's parade but reality is that UMNO-BN would be totally angry by this, like how they felt when Penang, Selangor, Kedah, and Perak had gone to Pakatan... along with Kelantan. From then on UMNO-BN had been plotting to get back the states that they lost. They managed to take back Perak by illegitimate means. They are creating all sorts of havoc in the other states to discredit the state governments so the people would be totally fed up with them and wished that UMNO-BN would take over the states again. Mark my words, if Pakatan does take over the Federal Government, UMNO-BN will not sit by and let it be. They will do whatever means to either discredit the new government through the manipulation of the police, judiciary, election commission, or MACC.

Would you think the Police, the judiciary, election commission or the MACC would pledge their impartiality and remain independent despite a change in government? Hell no! These jokers have been on the UMNO-BN payroll for years and we are talking big bucks here. Do you think these jokers would sit still and see their 'income' cut off by the Pakatan government? Nope! They would want things to be status quo, because they have tasted the forbidden fruit and loved it. Ever wonder how does an ex-deputy IGP own estates worth RM47 million? By being a good cop? Yea right!

If UMNO-BN is willing to trample on constitution like what they did in Perak, what makes you think that UMNO-BN will not resort to even more dirty tricks to discredit the new government and when Pakatan takes over? So what can Pakatan do? Get rid of every senior cop, MACC, election commission, and judges? What about the people in civil service? We all know that they can easily sabotage state governments by working slowly, cocking-up here and there, flip-flop on enforcements here and there, enough to piss off the people who would wish then that UMNO-BN is back in power again. Imagine SYABAS conveniently taking their sweet time in their supply and maintenance, or Indah Water being a little slow in processing sewerage, or Alam Flora being inconsistent in they solid waste collection.

There's too much at stake and the big guns would stand to lose huge sums of money. And they won't allow that to happen. UMNO-BN will do whatever it takes to get back the country. They have too much to lose, and they would get it back by manipulating the Police, Judiciary, Election Commissions, the civil service and the MACC.

Do you think they care about every one's rights? March 2008 was supposed to teach them a lesson. Seems that they remain as arrogant as ever judging by what we have been seeing this year. I won't celebrate too much when Pakatan takes over... because then it would be crunch time for this country of ours.

Our future is not that bright.

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    I'm sailing with you, we have the same views on this issues. Futures are only bright for those self-fish who had been recruited to UMNO-BN ship in high rank positions. When the damages are severely done enough to land our country in to current Zimbabwe position, the UMNO-BN cronies have no disadvantages against them and many countries will happily welcome them with their fortunes in-hands that they have been harvest from us to date, WE GROW THE PLANTS THEY JUST HARVEST ALL.


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