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Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim has made his first major decision in 2009 (even though there are only 2 more months to go, never mind la). We know the economic advisory position is made up. He is basically leading Selangor now la. De-facto opposition leader cum de-facto leader of PKR cum de-facto Menteri Besar of Selangor.

What is your plan for Selangor now, Anwar?

It's about time we Selangorian hear something constructive from the MB's office.

How are you going to resolve the beer sale issue? Can we put an end to that. Restore open selling status please. The 'majority' Muslims cannot lord over the 'minority' non-Muslims. We live in harmony, remember? And can we get the pork sellers back into Shah Alam please. And the Magnums and Totos and what not. Point is: restore your multi-racial image and be done away with the radical Islam mask. Even Tok Guru cannot tolerate such rubbish carried out in the name of Islam. You have a lot to do to win back the voters - of which many have deserted PR if you don't already know by now.

And the water issue. You guys can't exactly go on and on and on about the never ending water issue. There must be something in the law that can be evoked to stop the likes of Puncak Niaga being the cocky bastards that they are. (My apologies for my French but I cannot find other ways to describe them). Has anyone read my earlier article on this? I Want Clean Water posted on 26 October 2009.

But what I really like to see is the end of UMNO running Selangor while PR is the government of the state. RPK is darn right pointing this out. Ask anyone in Selangor. Everyone knows about this. Maybe that's why Anwar took so long to come to Selangor - he is not a Selangorian and hence does not know. Hehehe...

The begging question is what has Khalid been doing with these UMNO goons running about his offices? He wants to be Mr. Popular with government officers is it?

You need not fire the entire office. The lower level personnel aren't the problem - they are lazy by nature and we can live with that. (Actually, I can't. I cannot stand them). And they are the bulk of the headcount. So you have no need to worry about massive unemployment. It is the Little Napoleons whom should have been dealt with. Sack them. Don't want to get into trouble with Labour Law? Fridge them, no?

If I were Anwar, I'll walk into each and every municipal council, gather all heads in a room, and tell them to start counting their days in office. I always believe that the rakyat are not pleased with the government because they are actually most unhappy with the municipal council officers. The decisions of the central government affect you at a macro level but the actions of the municipal council officers affect your daily lives. If Anwar can tackle the municipal councils right, PR will remain government come the next election. It is as simple as that. Politics sometimes really ain't that difficult. Go on, cull them, Anwar, cull them. Bring in new blood. We don't expect the local government service to turn efficient overnight but at least we know that you want to make a difference from what the BN government has to offer. Buat masa sekarang, tiada perbezaan.

And please start a hunt on previous government's misdeeds. I know that the PR government promised no hunting when they first took over. I can never ever understand why. Such a hunt is a must. Why not? So that when BN takes back they won't hunt you back? Is that it, Anwar?

If you are keen on a reformed Malaysia, a strong message must be sent. Previous administration's corruption will be tracked when a new government takes over. By that, the present government officer will have to think a 100 times before he even dare to take a thousand bucks. Let alone the millions and billions being leaked out now. This is what a 2 party system is all about. Counter-checking to minimise corruption and leakages.

But my bet is Anwar will not do this. He has his own baggage from his UMNO days. There is this pact among thieves; you sell me out, I'll sell you too. Anwar was in a position to know a whole lot of things being a DPM. If he truly wants to nail UMNO, he has the info. But he cannot do it else it will backfire upon him. But that is politics. So we the sorry rakyat just have to bite it.

Let's sidetrack from Selangor to the next GE. If PR truly wants to win the next GE, misdeed hunting must be a key policy. The rakyat is fed up with corruption. If Anwar and gang can make this pledge, then a significant portion of the voters have been won over. If Anwar dare to stir the hornet's nest and openly declare that he will change the IGP with so and so, the Chief Justice with so and so, and Head of MACC with so and so, half the battle would have already been won. Let us know who you have in line and we will know if you are serious. With 3 new heads come 3 new reborn arms of Malaysia. And it is then that we will believe that a new Malaysia will rise.

So, what are you gonna do Saudara Anwar? We will be watching you closely. We Selangorians are not easy to please. And oh, one more thing. Please don't go into hiding again.


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