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Why don't you just shoot yourselves PR

Posted by Da Maniac On Friday, October 16, 2009

These people just don't get it do they? For a while we harboured hope that PR would be a viable alternative to the current ever-corrupt UMNO/BN government. But that hope has been dashed by the incessant discord amongst PKR, PAS, and DAP and also within their own parties. The people have had enough of UMNO/BN, and now they have had enough of PR. Why don't you all just shoot yourselves PR! You have proven to be no different from UMNO/BN. Do you really have the rakyat in mind or do you just want to be in power for your own selfish reasons?

Stop the frakking bickering and get your frakking act together for Pete's sake! At the rate you guys are going, I doubt that you can pull it off in the next GE like what you did last GE.
I hope Bagan Pinang was a lesson learnt for you lads and you deserved it. At the rate things are going with you guys... might as well go shoot your frakking sorry selves la.

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