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Hishammuddin Loves His Beer and Women

Posted by Simon Templar On Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Someone emailed me these pictures.

I am unsure of the authenticity of the pictures or if they have been doctored.

Interesting pictures though...

Sham sure looked like he enjoyed his beer... That's an Anchor, right?

So many chicks! Looks like a cool hippy partie... And hey, that's Sham again!

Anchor? What's with the blacked out eyes anyway? These are key witnessess eh... There he is again!

I was told that this is Tengku Marsila, Sham's wife. Somebody's tipsy...

10 Response to "Hishammuddin Loves His Beer and Women"

  1. Bob Said,

    Somethings wrong with the beer can she is holding.
    I think its fake. Typical Red Devil stunt...

    (Just kidding). NOT!


  2. Neo Said,

    Beer/Stout is the greatest drink invented by man.

    Obviously, Hishamuddin got high taste.


  3. Amanda,

    Maybe you can help spread these pix! :)


  4. Neo,

    He'll be a better person if he's a Guinness man. Anchor - that's sucky beer


  5. baDboyzs Said,

    we love beer , dun you ?


  6. Anonymous Said,

    its nice when you put it on, shall we put the same things on also.

    but, this time indirectly all the hidden will publish.

    its politic, right....................


  7. Anonymous Said,

    no problem for muslin to drink. ok?


  8. Anonymous Said,

    no problem for politician (read:malaysian politician) to drink. ok?


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Kat GAP tak der comment untuk 20 April 2010.
    tak sempat nak publish kot


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